Why Businesses In The Region are Failing At Outsourcing

Why Businesses In The Region are Failing At Outsourcing

Outsourcing, a practice used by many international companies (Such as Apple, Coca-Cola…) to reduce cost by delegating parts of the work or projects to outside talents. When used properly, outsourcing is a very effective strategy. In fact, companies of all sizes can benefit from the experienced professionals who offer their services to those seeking support.

Unfortunately, the Arab region is still new to the concept of hiring freelancers. Many companies, regardless of their need, are very resistant to it due to the lack of trust. Adding to that, almost everyone thinks that outsourcing means extremely cheap and VERY fast services! It is quite disappointing how services get underrated and taken for granted. We still do not care about the average price a service costs and all we do is bargain whatever price it is given to us so that we feel that small sense of triumph.

The below  diagram visualizes what clients demand when they are outsourcing Vs what can be done and what is completely unrealistic.


So, I’ll go through all the possibilities and dive in to explain each one. Let’s begin:

#1 Great, Fast & Free.

Nope. Never gonna happen. No one will be that generous with you unless you are a well-known NGO. In that case, some agencies will just take the project as a CSR “hit and run” campaign and use it as an advertising stunt to reduce their taxes. Not because they actually care about what you do.

#2 Great, Fast & Cheap.

Yes, doable. Only if you live in Utopia! You need to appreciate the good value you are given and therefore pay what that freelancer or professional deserves. You need them now more than they need you!

#3 Great & Free.

Dream on honey, dream on. Free and great services don’t exist, unless you are married to that designer, or developer or whatever and trust me you’ll be hearing lots of nagging along the way.

#4 Fast & Free.

If you like Garbage this is where you want to be. Honestly, do you really expect high-end fast service for free?! You can’t ask someone to do the work on a tight deadline without any compensation. Let’s face it even if they were the best in the market they would literally care less if the work is done right or not.

#5 Fast & Cheap.

Ok, so you have to finish that presentation by this afternoon, or you need that website done in one day, or a designed and finalized brochure in 2 hours and you don’t want to pay? You won’t be happy with the outcome I can tell you that. Cheap and fast work always ends up either ugly or dipped in shocking mistakes. To avoid those sticky situations all you need to do is just organize: You know you need that brochure for an event, work on it ahead of time. Let’s take the logo as an example: unfortunately, most people think that designers can just create a logo out of thin air just like that. In fact, creating a logo needs extensive market research and competitive analysis to find what best suits the brand image you want to convey. So you see creating a logo is not magic!

#6 Great & Cheap.

YES! You found an extremely talented professional to work on your project and quite cheap!! Great! You’re just in time to be late! That talented professional is going to do a great job no doubt in that, but he/she will take all the time in the world since the pay isn’t that good and will most likely prioritize the projects that bring more cash!

#7 Great & Fast.

Getting great outcome and fast means paying more for that exclusive and good service. What you pay is what you get! However, you can always do some research on the average prices in the market to avoid the rip off by the agencies that might try to make the best of your tight deadline. Here what you need is a good professional who is available right now!


Expecting too much for too little is what creates that major gap between the clients and the ones offering their services. Whether you are looking to design a brand, develop an app, translate or copy-write your website, projects need time, dedication and a budget!

Before you decide to outsource, get organized. Set your budgets, plan your timelines and prioritize your tasks to avoid running around and asking for projects with absurd deadlines and extremely low budgets.You can’t expect free services to be unique and awesome nor can you get your hopes up on a great, fast and cheap service!!

But don’t worry great outcome is always achievable. If you want great and cheap services, for instance, you better wait quite a while to get your work done, since the freelancer is not going to prioritize your project over the ones that are generating more income.  However, if you want your work done great and fast you should be willing to pay that extra sum to the standard price because that expert is going to drop everything to meet your tight deadline.

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