Beginner’s Guide To Outsourcing [Part 1]: Who & Why?

Beginner’s Guide To Outsourcing [Part 1]: Who & Why?

outsourcing definition

In other terms, outsourcing is the concept of having some job functions done outside a company instead of in-house employees. Those tasks or projects can be outsourced to specialized companies or freelance individuals.

In the last decade, companies from all over the world have adopted outsourcing and have integrated it into their business processes. In fact, the global outsourcing industry has generated around 88 billion U.S. dollars in revenue.

Unfortunately, in the Middles East, companies are still reluctant to it: they are throwing an overload of work at their employees who don’t have any experience doing the task, which will eventually waste the time and energy of both the employee and the manager.

The major issue in the region here is the lack of awareness about this matter and all the misconceptions we have about it. For example, people actually think freelancers are not competent enough to get a fixed job, which is completely wrong!! Freelancers are experts who choose not to have a steady job but instead focus on their passion. Also, outsourcing does not mean going the other end of the globe for services, service providers can be literally minutes away from you!

Is the image still blurry? Here’s all you need to know about outsourcing!

I-The Perks of Outsourcing!

You’re probably asking yourself: “So what are the benefits?” below are the 5 main reasons why you should definitely consider working with outside providers.

#1 Less cost, less stress:

Getting and training a full-time employee and paying the overhead cost that comes along are much more expensive than going to an outside supplier. For example, if you want to design a brochure and do not have a graphic designer it is better to outsource than to hire a designer for this one-time project.

#2 Expertise raises revenues:

Outsourcing service providers give you access to people with high expertise with years of experience; this will allow you to provide your customers with high-quality products or services, which means more income!

#3 Space management:

Sitting in a tight office? No place to even move between desks? Outsource and save some space! No need to hire someone you barely need for a couple of months.

#4 More time to focus on your core Business:

Your workload is bound to increase with all the additional non-core functions (online marketing, social media management, customer service, etc…) that you have to deal with on daily basis, especially as your business grows. Outsourcing to a third party helps you focus on primary business tasks such as business development.

#5 Free up your employees:

delegating some tasks to a supplier will allow you to use your internal resources for more efficient and effective purposes.

II- Should you Outsource?

All sorts of companies can benefit from hiring outside suppliers, including the below examples:


New businesses who are looking to grow their business but cannot afford overhead costs and big spaces especially that they have to be as flexible as possible to adapt to opportunities and dynamic situations.

Growing businesses.

Lack of resources and expertise can sometimes get in the way of rapidly growing businesses. Making use of outside experts will give you access to more time-saving and effective services.

Businesses looking to relocate or expand regionally or internationally.

Setting up in a foreign country is quite a challenge. Local experts will be able to help you with operational and financial compliance to help your smooth transition.

Small businesses with no experience in the needed task.  

You might be a small restaurant looking to move your business online, your passion has been cooking and you don’t really know what to do and where to start. Outsourcing will get you to your goal!!  

Start reading Part II, and learn more about the different tasks you can outsource by category.

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