How to Select the Right Freelancer for your Project

How to Select the Right Freelancer for your Project

Once you’ve decided to outsource a project, the tricky part is to find the right freelancer for the job, notably when confronted with a vast pool of talent pertaining to a particular field.

In order to make that match happen, we’ve jotted down a few practical tips to help you focalize your search.


cephalexin 500mg dosage for urinary tract infection Develop a clear vision of your desired profile.

The first and most crucial part of your search is to pinpoint the desired skills/profile you are looking for. Before you take action, think about the project at hand and try to develop a mental outline of your ideal candidate. This does not only ease your search to start with but also helps you draft a better job posting.


kamagra buy uk Make sure your job posting is clear.

Now that you’ve outlined the range of competencies you’re looking for, it’s time to translate them clearly into your job posting. In addition to listing a summary of the task at hand, include the key desired skills into your posting to to avoid ambiguity and attract a more specific crowd of freelancers.


buy generic doxycycline Use your network.

As a first resort, your physical network of connections, be colleagues or friends who work in a related field, can be of great use. You may also ask for social media referrals through LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter among others. Ask around, gather up all the recommendations/names you can and then sift through them to filter down the best candidates i.e. the ones closest to your ideal profile.


Resort to an outsourcing platform.

Now if you prefer not to go through the hassle of doing the search yourself, then you can always save time by referring to outsourcing websites such as Toptal and Upwork among others to connect with freelancers and pick from them or online platforms like Feedeed, which can match you directly to the right expert, thereby sparing you the hassle of searching and selecting yourself.


Dig into each candidate’s profile.

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few suitable candidates, go over each of their profiles (even if you’ve already done that) before you make your final pick. You may also message them privately to inquire more about their experience and get a sense of their professional attitude along the way.


Check those samples.

Make sure to always ask for samples in case they are not provided and make an effort to go through them attentively in order to find out how much the skills they exhibit could match your project. Samples are a defining factor in making your final selection.


Start small.

The searching phase does not stop when you’ve found the right freelancer. Before you proceed full-on with your project, make sure you give the freelancer a small task to begin with and decide on the future of your collaboration based on the outcome. This will save you an awful lot of time and effort in addition to preventing you from getting caught up in an unfulfilling work relationship.

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