Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting? [Infographic]

Meetings are effective tools for employees to  exchange information, get feedback, plan and collaborate. However, long irrelevant meetings are becoming more frequent and are generating fewer outcomes. Well, it’s probably because few people actually come prepared! So there you go, “The Guide” to avoid those endless and pointless meetings. Make sure you share this with your colleagues (you’ll thank us later)  

What You Need To Know About Moving Your Business Online.

You have been in business for quite a while now, business is stagnant, and you keep seeing the same faces over and over again. You need some sort of change to revitalize your business. Moving Online might be the answer for you! To get you on track , you can check out my previous Article “Online Vs Offline Businesses: The Good & The Bad” talking about the difference between what we call online and offline business along with the pros and consContinue reading… What You Need To Know About Moving Your Business Online.

Online Vs Offline Businesses: Pros & Cons

Let’s admit it not everyone can really differentiate between an online and offline business. The line between the two is often blurred. And honestly, I believe that knowing what your business is exactly is quite important! On another note, we know quite well that the online industry is evolving rapidly and businesses need to cope with technology before they get wiped out. Therefore, I will get you rid of those common misconceptions about the meaning of the terms and willContinue reading… Online Vs Offline Businesses: Pros & Cons

7 Mistakes That Will Cost You Your Business

So let me break it down to you, 90% of startups fail. Yes, 90% will probably go out of business before they even begin their second year. Until now, People still debate the reasons why 9 out of 10 businesses fall short. Some blame it on the recession, economy downfall in the Middle East, the uncertain market of the region, politics or many other outside factors. But think about it, why do some companies fail while others don’t in the sameContinue reading… 7 Mistakes That Will Cost You Your Business