Drafting a Proper Project Brief for a Better Outsourcing Experience

A comprehensive brief is a foundational pillar of kicking off just any task, let alone one you’ve chosen to outsource. And while not all briefs are created equal, drafting yours may not always go as seamlessly as expected, notably when tackling a multifaceted project. To communicate your idea accurately and avoid being misunderstood, make sure to pen your brief according to the following measures. Outline the scope of your request. The rationale is pretty simple: you won’t be able toContinue reading… Drafting a Proper Project Brief for a Better Outsourcing Experience

3 Misconceptions That Are Keeping You From Outsourcing.

Outsourcing, a globally acknowledged concept, is known as a cost effective and time-saving technique. The biggest companies around the world have been outsourcing their manufacturing projects, administrative tasks, customer support, design and the list goes on. Businesses in the Middle-East, on the other hand, are finally (yet very slowly) starting to adopt it. Nevertheless, people in the region still have a lot of misconceptions around outsourcing. And here is what are the most common ones:  “How can I guarantee thatContinue reading… 3 Misconceptions That Are Keeping You From Outsourcing.

Beginner’s Guide To Outsourcing [Intro]

Many people in the Middle-East and the GCC are not familiar with outsourcing, and don’t trust it enough to try it. While others have become resistant to it due to some experience with bad quality or delay. However, it is not always the case if you actually know how to outsource and what to expect. In this context, I’m launching a series of blog posts –  entitled – Beginner’s Guide to Outsourcing: a cycle of articles that will cover allContinue reading… Beginner’s Guide To Outsourcing [Intro]

Do You Really Need to Hold That Meeting? [Infographic]

Meetings are effective tools for employees to  exchange information, get feedback, plan and collaborate. However, long irrelevant meetings are becoming more frequent and are generating fewer outcomes. Well, it’s probably because few people actually come prepared! So there you go, “The Guide” to avoid those endless and pointless meetings. Make sure you share this with your colleagues (you’ll thank us later)